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[DK2 & CV1] VR2Space - Virtual Ride to Space

aaronknollaaronknoll Posts: 3
Virtual Boy (or Girl)

Update Jan. 10th, 2017:  Free demo available here http://infinite-void.co.uk/Download.php

Hello Oculus enthusiasts. We ran a successful KickStarter campaign in 2014 for a Rift project called VR2Space, which we're now hoping to release to the general public. Would love to get some feedback from the community.

Expected Release Date:
  • Already released to KickStarter Backers
  • Currently on Steam Greenlight waiting for promotion
Short description of the game:

In 2014 a group of researchers at the Surrey Space Centre launched an ambitious project to send a cluster of GoPro cameras on a high altitude weather balloon, and use the footage to create a virtual reality ride to space. This is a made for VR experience that uses real world HD video footage to recreate the experience of flying to an altitude of 30 km on a floating platform, and an immersive VR environment that allows users to warp to set altitudes above the earth.

Link to main project page: http://www.infinite-void.co.uk/

Links to Steam Greenlight campaign: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=831619226

Youtube video of the project/software:



  • aaronknollaaronknoll Posts: 3
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    In response to a number of queries regarding Steam Greenlight voting: Unfortunately, Steam restricts voting privileges to existing Steam users who've already paid at least $5 for games on this platform.  So, if you are a new user to Steam, then you won't be able to cast your vote.  It makes sense to prevent fraudulent voting from occurring, but disappointing news for people who've recently signed up to Steam who can't cast their vote.

    In any case, many thanks for the support and please continue to spread the word :-)
  • aaronknollaaronknoll Posts: 3
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Great news everyone.... we've added a free demo to our website to let people try the game.  You can find the download link here: http://infinite-void.co.uk/Download.php
  • ParadiseDecayParadiseDecay Posts: 158 Poster of the Week
    Downloading the Demo now, but my legs have already turned to jelly, just thinking about it.
  • aaronknollaaronknoll Posts: 3
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    The VR2Space software has been officially release today on the Oculus store. Check it out:  https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1519853484708702/
  • ParadiseDecayParadiseDecay Posts: 158 Poster of the Week
    Tried the demo, but was not a fan of the quality. I do have a fear of heights, but not in this one, the resolution just wasn't there for me.
  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 1,787
    edited January 20
    this looks interesting, but, not meaning to be a naysayer, but why on earth (no pun intended) did you launch it on a day full of thick cloud?  seems a massive missed opportunity.
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