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Drifting In VR - Alpha Keys Release - Initial Functionality Test

driftVFXdriftVFX Posts: 9
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edited January 10 in Showcase
Hi all

We've been busy over the end of 2016, to release an updated Alpha release of Drifting in VR.
Unfortunately as this is a concept Work in Progress we can only release it by Keys. We can list some below in the second post

Single play works, and networked communication works fine. Just a few bugs at the moment with networked items (swords etc) which we will work on after out break,

Here is a quick VR footage montage,briefly outlining Drifting in VR

We have a discord group also, to help plan Drifting get togethers

Would love to meet some of you online and get your feedback.
Please feel free to add DriftVFX and pjenness as Oculus friends as we would love to meet you in the app.

Hope you enjoy



  • driftVFXdriftVFX Posts: 9
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    edited January 20
    Keys: (Wow, these got hit fast I will try to keep this up to date if people let me know. Have added more ,since we are away for a few days.)

    New Keys (21 Jan 2017)

    If you want to try it and the keys are used please PM me.

  • lukeskywatcherlukeskywatcher Posts: 21
    Lawnmower Man (or Woman)
    thanks + good luck!
    I took PC0C4-2K3L6-OKN57-BOP3B-FJT7V
  • AdmiralSlothAdmiralSloth Posts: 38
    Lawnmower Man (or Woman)
    Grabbed 9MEJK-J6725-0ZQXN-9P9CW-BOPI1, thank you!
  • ArticulusRexArticulusRex Posts: 2
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    I used J4M7Z-24HWK-5EQJB-H1VB9-LQE3X
  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,198 Valuable Player
    7Q6DC-D8O9L-135CS-3TR9G-1PNOW used
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  • wandguckerwandgucker Posts: 2
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
  • AmphetamineAmphetamine Posts: 141

  • CorradoCorrado Posts: 8
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Where i can use the key? 

  • kgian76kgian76 Posts: 42
    Lawnmower Man (or Woman)
    Thanks, I got
  • Arock387Arock387 Posts: 666
    Gonna test is out here soon! Thanks guys!

    I used code 59TY4-R4I61-ZQ1PK-N5YNJ-F7ABR
  • Mace404Mace404 Posts: 114
    Will check it out! Grabbed Q5Y7C-SSJVS-7BZ4I-CO7H1-U9LKU
  • NeoEdoNeoEdo Posts: 37
    Lawnmower Man (or Woman)
    Used: AV2I5-QFXLM-IWPX1-M5E1A-TOP80
    Will give it a test on my next day off.
    Thanks! B)
  • ParadiseDecayParadiseDecay Posts: 486 Poster of the Week
    edited January 18
    Just used: DJ6UW-73HTL-VAK14-72ANM-L0OY0 (2nd to last code)
    Thank you, will check it out tomorrow!
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  • ace3093ace3093 Posts: 9
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    got this key. 8BZIE-JE4UK-LC9A7-9WQJI-6SVPW

    Thank you
  • pjennesspjenness Posts: 652
    Corrado said:
    Where i can use the key? 

    I believe you use it in the desktop app under settings - account.. redeem code or similar
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  • CptJackBlackCptJackBlack Posts: 9
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Hey guys, I took the key 95A0O-F6S2L-4D15B-M3JQ2-54WZ0
    Thank you
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