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Setting up Rift

swerobertswerobert Posts: 3
Virtual Boy (or Girl)
I just purchased the Rift Headset and touch this weekend, and I am having trouble setting it up. I ran the program for setup and followed all the steps . Confirmed that everything was working as I went. At each step I waited for the green check to confirm it was connected correctly and received the green check and the message to continue. I got as far as to the part where it tells you to put on the head set and continue through the VR. When I put on my headset and continue I don't see anything in the headset just blank. Not sure what I am doing wrong as I am very new to this. This is my first attempt at anything like this. I am confused because I thought everything was connect correctly. Can some one help

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  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 2,522 Valuable Player
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    Can you post your system specs for us mate?
  • lovethislovethis Posts: 2,685
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    Did you make sure the hdmi and usb leads the headset uses were plugged in? Sometimes it's easy to forget to connect the usb the headset uses.


  • swerobertswerobert Posts: 3
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Yea that is the first thing I checked I am know to. Forget little things like. That lol t
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