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Recent Updates to Facebook Spaces

bdickasonbdickason Posts: 5 Oculus Staff
edited July 7 in Games and Apps
I wanted to share a short update with some of the changes and improvements we've made since Spaces launched. Here are some highlights of both the user-facing and under-the-hood improvements we've made that will lay the foundation for bigger updates soon to come :)
  • Avatar Mirror Improvements: It's much easier to select different facial features in the mirror when creating and customizing your avatar.
  • Search for Friends: We've added a virtual keyboard and the ability to search for your friends to Invite or Call them. No more paging through friends to find someone manually!
  • Messenger: You can now resize your Messenger call and respond quickly to messages with 'Like' so you don't have to take off your headset.
  • Experimental Feature - Desktop: Under 'Settings' you'll find a new 'Experimental Features' option. When you turn it on, a new 'Desktop' icon will appear on your tool shelf. Grabbing it will bring your Windows desktop into your space along with a wrist menu option to show it to your friends in your space. We've been using this to develop Spaces in Spaces (meta!) and play games together. We're testing to see if it's a useful way for people to do even more things together in Spaces. Note: If you click 'Show,' anyone in your space can see your desktop, but it will not show up outside of the app in Messenger or selfies.
  • Tons of bugfixes, performance, and latency improvements.

We're excited to see what you do with the new updates!! Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback here so we know how you're using Spaces or what we're missing and can be improved.


  • Ragin666Ragin666 Posts: 6
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    It will be nice, if the back screen problem will be removed. Facebook spaces does not load the space after the facebook login.
    At reddit there are also some threads but no solution till now...
  • bdickasonbdickason Posts: 5 Oculus Staff
    Thanks @Ragin666 can you link me to a few reddit threads? I must have missed them :( Happy to look into this. Does the space never load? It just says black? And does restarting the app fix it, or does it always happen?
  • pcenginefxpcenginefx Posts: 12
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Loving the update to broadcast live to FB - tried that out a lot and did many Spaces > Messenger calls to people. What I'd like to see next is to have more control over taking selfies and sharing. When I take a selfie, I don't necessarily want to share just to my FB feed for everybody to see... I'd like to maybe make it private, or just send that selfie to another person (in VR or via Friends list). Currently I have to go back to FB on my phone/desktop and edit the photo to tag the person or save it to send via messenger.
  • mbze430mbze430 Posts: 565
    I tried Facebook Spaces last night after months of not using it.  A friend of mine and I wasn't able to invite ANYONE from FB messenger to do a video chat.  Is that feature broken now?

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