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cybereality Oculus Staff


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  • H2MaKer
    Hello I need some help. My newly arrived game lone echo doesn't start up. it gives me this error message every time I try 

    Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later. (OVR75318303)

    If this issue continues, please visit Oculus Support to get help.

    If there is anything you can do Thanks

    July 21
  • Saelikho
    Hi cybereality, 
    I have a problem with my order for more than a week, a friend told me that maybe you could give me a hand
    July 20
  • DaggaBoy
    I need help getting my Arizona sunshine game to work since the last update was installed
    July 16
    • cybereality
      I'm not aware of an issue in Arizone Sunshine. Maybe post on the forum to see if the community knows of a fix.
  • Shadowmask72
    Hello Cybereality,

    Danknugz posts on your wall are seriously making my sides hurt. Please make him stop.
    July 14
    • cybereality
      I sent Mr.Nugz an actual private message, hopefully he will understand.
  • danknugz
    nalex is also ganging up on me with him now, please help
    July 14
    • Zenbane
      danknugz is going trawl crazy. please ban
  • danknugz
    here are some examples:

    "So you are not just a loser, but a bad liar too."

    ou are the single most ineffective individual in this community. You are literally bad at everything  D"

    You've posted 4 new low IQ threads in a mere 2 days, all of which end with multiple members of the community finding fun ways to discuss your idiocy"

    How many bong hits have you taken today? I love when you get enough drug-induced courage to step up for another proverbial slap   "

    "Do you have family that still talks to you IRL? Just curious."
    July 14
    • Zenbane
      Danknugz is taking proverbial poops on the forum. Please temp ban asap :^)
  • danknugz
    Hi Cybereality,

    Zenbane has personally attacked me outright multiple times in his "Oculus friends list" thread and I now feel intimidated, bullied and harrassed. I hope that as the moderator you will take the appropriate action on his account. 
    July 14
    • Zenbane
      I was responding to a personal attack. FYI o_0
  • danknugz
    he is freakig out now and wont stop

    "Other things Danknugz finds to be dumband boring:
    • Math
    • Literature
    • Matching Clothes
    • Well articulated sentences
    • Nice stuff
    • Smart thaangs"
    July 14
    • Zenbane
      danknugz is baiting, stalking, and harassing. Mod assistance needed, stat.
  • MadAntony
    How Do I see your answer?
    July 11
  • danknugz
    Hello Cybereality,

    "Vannagirl" is making inflammatory comments and trying to rouse up other members of the forum to gang up and bully me this will not be tolerated.
    July 11
  • tgphilly
    Hello, BlazeRush is no longer being displayed in my headset since the latest update, the game is playable outside of the headset. I get the taking longer than normal warning and to check the app. I uninstalled & reinstalled both the Oculus software and blazerush with the same results. My other games work though. Any suggestions? 
    June 26
  • F4CEpa1m
    Hi CyberReality,

    I bought a Rift Jan 2016 and it has always been faulty (sound always cuts out).

    I lodged a ticket 9th of April last year and all of the support teams solutions have not worked and I thought my computer was this issue.  

    Due to (extremely) unfortunate circumstances I have only recently been able to test other headphones and they all work fine, it is the Rift itself that causes the issue and always has been.

    The support team has said they will NOT honor the warrant as it has now lapsed, even thought the tickets have all been raised 3 months after I got the Rift.

    I have never had a full Rift experience ( for more than around 30 minutes)  due to this issue and spent everything I had buying a Rift and upgrading my PC.

    I spend all my time outside of working a 50 hour week making Youtube videos to promote Oculus and the Rift.

    Support says that I have to buy a new one, or just continue to use my own headphone but I absolutely cannot afford another unit.

    Is there anything you can do to help?

    June 23
  • danknugz
    please help techy111 is stalking me and making me feel very unwelcome and uncomfortable at this forum
    June 23
  • danknugz
    please permban zenbane and all his pathetic dupes
    June 22
  • JanuaryStar
    Thank you for helping me, but I'm not finding where in settings you are suggesting.   Can you send me more info.  Screen shots maybe.  I'm really sorry i just don't see it in the oculus settings 

    June 18
    • JanuaryStar
      Oh i changed my screen name this is Khris.scarlato@yahoo.com
  • oculuscfn1971
    I'm reaching out to you as I cannot get an answer on the forums, regarding 360 no longer viewing my images. PLEASE HELP!
    June 14
  • Frenchie-Richmand
    In order to try and solve my xbox one controller connection issue (as reported in the community section) I am tyring to send you the Oculus set up log (zipped as requested by I am told that "File is not allowed"!?
    June 9
  • Terence1983

    sorry but as i see there is no other way , i give it to my boss today because im just a attorney at law and not a full lawyer
    May 29