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Can you track multiple (4 or 5) touch controllers with one rift setup?

DejayRezmeDejayRezme Posts: 4
Virtual Boy (or Girl)

I'm thinking about building my own DIY omni threadmill but would need foot tracking. Ideally precise foot tracking.

Gluing two extra touch sensors on top of the front part of two shoes should be relatively simple, but can you actually read four touch controllers at the same time with one rift setup?

So can you pair 4 touch controllers and get all the positions of all four from the oculus SDK? Otherwise it's no use buying 2 extra touch controller.

Thanks you.


  • ENiKSENiKS Posts: 64
    Hiro Protagonist
    To do so, you would need an extra Rift, connected to another PC and controllers paired to it. As of now, you can't pair more than one set to one Rift. If this is would be possible, they won't be using another Rift for mixed reality video tracking.
  • DejayRezmeDejayRezme Posts: 4
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Thanks ENIKS! Then I'll hold off from ordering another touch for now. Hopefully they'll add this feature in the future.

    Besides foot tracking and mixed reality video, the ability to track additional things would also be useful for third party accessories, gun controllers or tracked keyboards or coffee mugs.

    Hmm thinking of that maybe I should look for news on the opening of constellation tracking. But seems no news on that since Jun 25, 2015 either.
  • OMEGA420OMEGA420 Posts: 5
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    I bought another pair for the camera and some spare parts.
    I can register/pair all 4 input devices(5 if you count the remote)So they show up in the settings window.
    But the darn software disables 2 of them. Why can't we just use the extra touch like the vive pucks for legs,hips or pets...
  • PanoramusPanoramus Posts: 75
    Hiro Protagonist
    Oculus needs to add a puck type device soon, otherwise Vive will again have a head start on game changing VR tech..... gun stocks, drinks, pets, foot tracking.
    like when they had controllers 6 months ahead of us oculus Rift users.
    i7-5820x | gtx980ti | corsair h80i v2 | ddr4 16gb | SSD x2 | win10x64
  • PanoramusPanoramus Posts: 75
    Hiro Protagonist
    I'd suggest you get a Vive, and build your treadmill using their pucks.
    didnt think I'd ever recommend the Vive, but looks like that is your only choice currently. Good luck.
    i7-5820x | gtx980ti | corsair h80i v2 | ddr4 16gb | SSD x2 | win10x64
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