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augmented reality using oculus

jossiekatjossiekat Posts: 1
Virtual Boy (or Girl)
Is there a way to develop AR apps using oculus hardware and software?
Do I need a strong computer for development (I have MacBook air)


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,182 Oculus Staff
    >Is there a way to develop AR apps using oculus hardware and software?

    Gear VR currently does not have a front facing camera and we do not have AR introduced in our SDKs at this time, so this is not possible at this time.

    >Do I need a strong computer for development (I have MacBook air)

    Please check out the minimum specifications here. A macbook air may not have the available resources or compatibility for proper development.
  • flynntflynnt Posts: 4
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    I'm not sure why a front-facing camera would be necessary for AR.  It is more likely one would use the rear-facing camera.  You can open up the passthrough camera, display it to the user, do whatever computer vision you want and display whatever 3d graphics you want.  I know of at least two apps on the Oculus store that do that:  VR Kaleidoscope (currently in the 'Recommended' section) and FotoFrezVR.   I know FotoFrezVR uses the Gear VR Framework (gearvrf.org).  There is an example of using Vuforia with GearVRf here: https://github.com/gearvrf/GearVRf-Demos/tree/master/gvr-vuforia

    The passthrough camera is a bit slow and therefore may not be the best experience for most users.  But it certainly is possible to use it.

    Since this is the mobile section and you're talking about developing for the GearVR, then you just need a computer that is capable of developing Android applications.  While the MacBook Air would not be sufficient for developing for the Rift (the PC VR solution), it will probably work for Android development.  You should really check to see the requirements for running Android Studio (google: android studio system requirements).  I'm a bit of a crazy person and have done GearVR development from inside a Linux VM with 1 GB of ram (i was using vim and all the command-line tools).  

    hope that helps,

  • acacia33acacia33 Posts: 14
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    It's definitely a good time to get on board with AR anyway, I feel like it's going to explode in the next 5 years. If you'll read through this post, you can see some best case scenarios on how much AR software can expand...... $11.6 billion predicted for video games alone!
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