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OnSessionInviteAccepted delegate parameter InviteResult is invalid when game started from Home

BobScottBobScott Posts: 42
Lawnmower Man (or Woman)
If I click on an invite in the Oculus windows application, the InviteResult passed to my delegate from FOnlineSessionOculus::OnRoomInviteAccepted is asserting as !IsValid when I try to pass it to JoinSession.

Note that if I have the game running and then accept the invite in Oculus Home, everything proceeds correctly (no assert).


  • brian_jewbrian_jew Posts: 59 Oculus Staff
    Hi BobScott,

    Definitely sounds like a bug and we will look into this.  Is the FOnlineSessionSearchResult itself invalid?  Or is there no OwningUserId for the session or no SessionInfo?
  • BobScottBobScott Posts: 42
    Lawnmower Man (or Woman)
    Hi Brian - actually I seem to have gotten past that error now.  Not sure what caused it in the first place, but it's not happening now.
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