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Gear VR controller not working with my Samsung S7

TimoamosTimoamos Posts: 2
Virtual Boy (or Girl)
I just purchased a Gear VR controller and am trying to pair it to my Samsung S7. Following the quick Start Guide, it says to press and hold the home key on the controller and the lights will flash. Check. Then I am told to click on controller in the settings tab of the app, check. But then it tells me I need to install additional sofware. I click update now and then it says all the required applications are already installed. So I click OK, but then it loops back to the Update and gives me the same message. I can not pair the controller. I even tried to pair the controller in the Bluetooth settings on my phone. My phone finds the controller but does not sync to it.  


  • Jinko88Jinko88 Posts: 2
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Samsung have confirmed the new controller only works with the s8!! Come on Samsung this is ridiculous.....pls update the software to work with the s7 at minimum.
  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 89 Oculus Staff

    Welcome to the Oculus Forums.

    A complete list of compatible devices for the Gear VR controller is as follows:

    -Galaxy S8
    -Galaxy S8+
    -Galaxy S7
    -Galaxy S7 edge
    -Galaxy S6 edge+
    -Galaxy S6
    -Galaxy S6 edge

    Timoamos, are you still experiencing this issue? And if so, which version of the Gear VR are you using?
  • craveirocraveiro Posts: 10
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Inner Exodus, I have an S7 (think it's on Nougat) and the white first-gen Gear VR (the one with the relief touchpad, no home button and the USB port) and while the controller does pair up and track just fine, none of the buttons work. Newest version of Oculus app and firmware on controller is updated. What role does the Gear VR version itself play?
  • bobpearsebobpearse Posts: 1
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    Using the 2nd to last VR headset version (came free with my S7) and my S7 on Verizon, latest updates.  I can pair the new VR Controller, but it does not work in any of the games that are supposed to support the controller.  It does absolutely nothing at all.  Any thoughts?
  • msclynmsclyn Posts: 1
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    It sounds like this issue is caused by a software update in most cases to some of the phones. Samsung finally has a response due to the number of calls. 
    Go to Best Buy and ask for the Samsung support rep. The can do a 'Software Reflash' which takes about 30 minutes but resets the issues. Your phone should remain updated but work.
    I'm going to take my Gear VR with me.
  • OculusBumOculusBum Posts: 2
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    edited June 26
    Hello, i am having the same issue as Timoamos with my Gear Controller I bought today, i have a Sprint S7, Edge, software 7.0, 2nd gen VR Headset SM-R323nbkaxar, I can reboot the phone and try to update the Oculus software and one time i was able to get into the update screen that says Gear VR Setup Wizard (2.8mb)  Installing (0/1) but it just stays on that screen but after awhile it ended up going back to the original issue so I called Samsung and they say to call Oculus and i wanted to see if there was a work around now or do i need to call Oculus or go to best buy for a fix

    I wanted to update this incase someone else runs into this problem and finds it here, Oculus Support Carter sent me an email that had 2 links, 1 to check the proper services were running on the phone and 2- reset and reinstall Oculus, In this case the reinstall fixed the problem and my controller pairs and works so far!
    1- https://support.oculus.com/186299228426214/

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