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VR Newbie with install problems of Ocuius & flight sim Battle of Stalingrad

NickCharlesNickCharles Posts: 1
Virtual Boy (or Girl)
...and I need help.I had been using Track IR with my KBSim joystick- all worked ( & still works) quite well...Everything Oculus is installed & working so far as I can tell except for problems trying to get BoS up & running. I go into game check VR enable  & reboot.I start sim through Steam & enable it there as well. Afer a minute or two I get a screen tell me to start wireless controller,which of course I don't want to use-I want to use my joystick which is on via 'controllers' in game,( or even worse I go back to the Oculus Home screen  )I can't get past this screen, but if I try I get a notice saying I am playing BoS & if I leave I'll leave BoS. If I start BoS outside of Steam I find VR Enable is now unchecked.What gives ? My joystick controller isn't recognized & I can't get into start screen or game either...very frustrating.I have just installed the XBox wireless controller & specified at the startof the sim that i wish to use my KBsim joystick-that is some progress,BUT starting again through Steam I have gotten another crash to Oculus Home screen & the another try a complete system freeze Have I missed something in Oculus settings or what,re-install? Thanks!
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