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Ue4 Gear Vr achievements with blueprints.

rafgimrafgim Posts: 3
Virtual Boy (or Girl)
I have a blueprint project in Ue4 and I have put the achievements blueprints nodes in the project and I have edited them in my dashboard developer's page but it doesn't work. Does the Defaultengine.ini file have to be edited?  Thank you.


  • Jarrod84Jarrod84 Posts: 5
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    I'm having this problem too, the entitlement check works, but nothing else with the online platform.  Do you need to use the android permission nodes for something?  I can get get the Oculus name and achievements on the Rift but not Gear VR apps
  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 75 Oculus Staff

    There have been other reports similar to what you are describing with Gear VR and UE4 Platform integrations.  We are currently looking into this, and will advise you further once we have more information to share. 

    In the meantime, could you possibly share additional information with me privately such as log/dump files, a copy of the manifest, as well as a screenshot of your blueprint? Thanks!
  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 75 Oculus Staff
    edited July 20
    For clarity, the Defaultengine.ini file does need to be edited.  It should read as follows:


    OculusAppId=<your AppID>

    Next you will need to ensure that you have downloaded the app via the Oculus App on the device.  Until this has been done, you may run into issues with entitlements as well as other OSS features.
  • rafgimrafgim Posts: 3
    Virtual Boy (or Girl)
    edited July 21
    I've update my project to ue4.16 and still doesn't work. I've downloaded my app via my beta channel on oculus store and nothing.
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