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Any way to start oculus without monitor ?

ismael.bhiriismael.bhiri Posts: 1
Virtual Boy (or Girl)
edited July 27 in Answers
hi guys , I just opened a new vr Game Center and I m using a backpack msi vr one with an oculus rift with my games . To start the game I would like to push on a keyboard key so I don t need monitor with that system .

my problem is : oculus rift don't start if he don t get a monitor signal . 
Is it any way to start oculus rift if a monitor is not plugged ?
i have to plug a monitor on my backpack computer every time if I want to use it . Really disturbing :/


  • DeathZoneDeathZone Posts: 40
    Lawnmower Man (or Woman)
    download virtual desktop and there should be a setting that runs when pc starts.

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