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  • BoltGamingVR
    I have noticed you being pretty helpful on the submissions section in the forums. I wish you were more available when I had my game submitted. However I also had a problem, when I submitted my game, I asked that it be quick released after it passed all of the reviews and I was working on the pricing. Then all of the sudden the game was out, without receiving a release date to let me know they were even releasing it. And was it even really checked? Nothing in the Analytics shows it was even looked at more than 8 minutes early on in the submission process which took 4 weeks. So they just threw it in the gallery, which most developers are calling the void, because once a game goes in there, it never sells, never comes out, is just a dream destroyed basically.

    My questions are, are you guys going to fix the Gallery so people can actually be visible still whilst inside this category? My game is the very first Gear VR football game, very solid, fun graphics, and football season is starting, and it's selling less than 1 game a day on average.

    Can't you guys up your quality level so not all submitted games get just dumped in a random gallery area that has no real categorization? This would help sell more games, as people wouldn't think all of Gallery is horrible horrible quality like a lot of the games are. Anyone can tell the difference of a game that actual effort was put in, and just a test game to see what the publishing consists of and how the market is going, and those 2 types of games shouldn't be together, or it kills the games that actual effort was put into. Games that are grandfathered into "Games" from earlier on are far worse than my game or some others I have stumbled across in Gallery, but noone is going to spend money in the Gallery area because of the quality of some of the other games in Gallery, but they are all lumped together. 

    I have contacted submissions support multiple times, but they never respond. Has any game ever been successful in Gallery, that actually cost a little bit of money, in resent time? How can a game get moved out of Gallery? Are there any plans to update the gallery to help support the developers, as the e-mail states when going through reviews, Oculus is trying to help insure our games shine in the Oculus store. But selling one game a day for the first football game is not shining at all, it's hiding the game completely. 

    Can't we have a "Sports" section? We have Horror, Music, etc. Why no sports section? There was even an "International Cat Day" section for a bit.

    Sorry, I know that's a lot, we're pretty frustrated on this end. Because of the gallery. I know more sections would bring more visibility to good games, you need a middle tear, not just "high end in Oculus's eyes" and "everything else".

    Thank you 
    August 15
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    August 7
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