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  • rkatos
    Re: avatar that walks around. I've used the OVR Player Controller, then navigate in the hierarchy  down to the OVRCamerRig, inside that you'll find TrackingSpace: child the Avatar to the Tracking space and it should move around by the thumb switches on the Touch Controllers, the hands moving through the world. 
    February 11
  • jessicazeta

    Hey there! I'm the Oculus Medium team's production coordinator. Happy weekend!

    I saw your posts working on converting Medium mesh's vertex shaders into UV and texture maps, and how that extra step can get meshes into Unity and 3D modeling programs. Twas very heartening to see! and thanks for being super active on the forums - Your know-how is really getting people out of jams. Stay awesome!

    Well anyway, I'm messaging you because I'm researching the ease of export flow with game engines as the final destination - I wanted to see if you wanted to tell me more about your current process, and what features/ capabilities you would want to see in the future to make bringing a Medium mesh into a game engine easier.

    I read that you're now a pro at exporting your mesh and converting the vertex colors to texture and UV maps that can be read into other 3D programs. I see all the chatter about the high-poly counts not coming through to Unity and the need for retopology in another program.

    Some questions I have for you: How long does this entire process take you? What is your design process in Medium like, knowing you are going to have to clean up and retopologize your mesh afterwards? When you first import your asset into a game engine, what is the ingestion process like for you? Do you have to mess with a lot of settings to get everything to work as you liked? What would you like to see in Medium or in the pipeline from Medium to a game engine?

    Happy to chat as well via Skype. I'm on Pacific Time and we're having a meeting about exporting into diff platforms late Monday, so getting back to me by then would be awesome, though not necessary! Just want to hear more about what features would be most useful to you. Cheers!


    February 4