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  • andrewnoonan4
    oh my pc rig is gtx 980 ti with an i7 processor so it's definitely not my pc since everything other than oculus is fine

    March 20
  • andrewnoonan4
    i had bought the oculus late last year with touch controllers during Christmas on oculus official site. Late last night I tried out my raw data and robo recall as well as a dozen others. When it came to my last game robo recall everything went black and crashed. This morning when I activated my library it requested me to set my oculus up during the set up I kept on getting a message that it has detected a hardware failure. with a further message of cannot detect oculus. I have never had this problem before and therefore know it is not a set up error. So please could u help me with a replacement since this is still less than 12 months old
    March 20
  • AdamWainwright
    What is the best way to get in touch with Oculus support? I think I have a hardware failure after reading through the forum. Plugging the OR into my USB 3.0 gives me a USB error.
    March 18
  • midofouad
    Hi i have Note5 & when i use my Gear VR this message appeared
    "VR application closed unexpectedly. Remove mobile device from Gear VR , then reinsert mobile device and reopen VR application"
    March 14
  • doubledipdave
    Hi is there any chance you could chase up my ticket please ???
    March 13
  • doubledipdave
    Hi I'm still waiting for a response to my ticket for a completely un usable rift. Every time I adjust the rift on my head it disconnects I can't even complete the set up process, how long do you think it might take for an update at least ?? Thanks in advance.
    March 11
  • rainabba
    Hey, saw a post elsewhere and was hoping you could help or point me the right way. I purchased Touch Oct 10, 2016 ( think while still at OC3 ) and largely because I was so excited for Robo Recall. I got a redemption code, but it didn't get me RR and I don't see how to obtain it free. Is it free only for new customers, not early adopters? Should I open a ticket or did I miss something?
    March 10
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 4 years.
    March 9
  • molokow
    Thanks for you help with Robo Recall. Appreciate it ! You are fantastic
    March 7
  • fsp48


    I just thought I would pass along some technical obstacles I have gotten around with room-scale setup.  I will try to keep it as short as possible but it's not likely as I want this formula to read logically and be detailed enough to offer useful information that anyone can relate to or follow and replicate.  Until last week I had been running an under-spec gaming rig with a Z68 M-ATX MB with i5 2500k OCd to 4.5GHz and 8 Gigs of 1600 RAM with a 980ti Lightning.  I've had many hours of DK2 and even some CV1 fun running on that spec but since getting a CV1 months ago and Touch when released then third and then fourth sensor I've been working around the under-spec nature of my rig.  

    The old Z68 MB had no compatible USB 3.0 ports but a couple good USB 2.0 ports to supplement the recommended Inateck PCI-E USB 3.0 card that I got.  I had marginal success with two high diagonally mounted sensors at first but still wanted better 360 degree tracking and soon got a third only to find occlusion was still annoying.  At that point I kicked myself for not just ordering the fourth sensor at the same time despite four being considered to be too high demanding on single controllers.  I read many of the posts from all over the web for clues and tips and obviously there were things in the actual software at that point that needed fixed with the experimental nature of the 360 room-scale beta status.

    So now despite my rig still being considered older, I have just moved up to a Z87 full ATX MB with an i7 4770k stable OCd to 4.3GHz and 16Gigs of 1600 RAM with same 980ti Lightning GPU.  The new version of my up to spec rig now has compatible USB 3.0 ports to supplement the limited nature of even the powered multi-port add-on PCI-E USB 3.0 Inateck card which is in a 4x slot. So even with getting all this in order following guides and with trial and error I was still spending a lot of time experimenting with USB port combinations to get it to work long enough to go through setup.  Right before my Rig upgrade and the 112.xx Oculus update I had been playing successfully with three sensors on the Inateck with the Rift and one sensor on USB 2.0 MB ports in conjunction with using the forum posted PowerShell script and Oculus Tray Tool.  

    First run of the upgraded system I fired up the newly released Robo Recall and as soon as the game actually started scene rendering, the left eye went black and I even later had the audio drop out as well.  To my dismay after upgrading my rig and the latest Oculus software, I could no longer get it fully functional let alone have it run stable enough to play.  Despite now having more PC grunt I went back to playing detective testing with and without extension cables and all the USB port combos as well as with only using three sensors and even trying one or two only on USB 2.0.  After I kept hearing the occasional intermittent disconnect then reconnect Windows sounds I used a USB monitoring software called USBDview to try to see what it showed happening.   I watched the readouts to get some sort of insight and notice Rift audio and sensor were what had the issue.  That and the the following details below has lead me to my current conclusions as well as fully functional four sensor 360 room-scale tracking with no headset audio or visual dropouts.

    When watching some Rift devices working and then dropping out and coming back it seemed as if the actual data connection could work fine but just wasn't stable, like it was a device with a low battery.  My assumption was it seemed like the dropouts were caused by trying to pull too much power from the MB USB port so trying to power two devices over the extended length of their 4M non active cables when they already suffered form insufficient power for the headset and sensor just made it worse.  That idea had stuck in my head after reading someone else's low power speculation as well as another that had mentioned using a particular powered hub successfully.  

    With my bigger and new-ish MB I now had more PCI-E slots if needed for an additional USB 3.0 card but instead I ran out to Best Buy and got that mentioned powered j5 create 4-Port Mini HUB and plugged it into my MB USB 3.0 rear port and then used the new hub for one sensor cam and my Rift.  Another sensor closest to the PC which is non-extended is plugged into the PC front USB 3.0 port which comes from the internal 3.0 header on the MB.  The other two sensors are on the PCI-E USB 3.0 Inateck card.

    The last and other most important part of the puzzle is to use a 3rd party tool called OTT or Oculus Tray Tool which incorporated power setting features along with a few other useful setting tweaks.  I had emailed that dev with a question about how I used his now previous versions of his tray tool alongside the script that was posted on this forum to help with USB power settings and the Inateck card.  It turns out the script did the same thing as his tool but in a slightly different way so he asked me to beta test his next release (0.66) after he incorporated the script method into his helper tool to try to make the tool even better and more reliable so there was no longer a need to sometimes also still run the script in PowerShell opened as Administrator.

    So the bottom line is as soon as I used the powered j5 HUB in conjunction to the Inateck card I got reliable function and tracking with four sensors listed at 3.0 speed.  Only the Rift still shows at 2.0 speed but it has NEVER shown running at 3.0 even since day one with only one sensor and no extensions. The best part is it all is working as flawless as ever.  So in recap no device is using the included active repeater cables.

    ==> First sensor is on the PC front Oculus compatible USB 3.0 MB port without a passive or active extension cable.

    ==> Second and Third sensors with 4M passive USB 3.0 extension cables are on the add-on powered internal PCI-E 3.0 Inateck              card.

    ==> j5 create powered USB 3.0 4-Port Mini Hub is plugged into the rear Oculus compatible USB 3.0 MB port. (Just side noting that          it happens to be the port indicated for Bios flashing on my Z87 MB.)

    ==> Fourth sensor and the Rift are each using 4M passive USB 3.0 extension cables which are plugged into the j5 powered hub.

    ==> Rift HDMI is plugged into a 9.8 foot HDMI extension cable from Micro Center SKU 014597 QVS brand (Spec is only listed                  as High Speed 1080p but works well.)

    ==> I tightly taped up my extension connections that drag on the floor to maintain solid connection to the Rift's HDMI and USB.

    ==> Load and run third party Oculus Tray Tool and get it indicating green then launch Oculus Home. (Some OTT power settings              may take a close and re-launch cycle or two of OTT to show green indicator.)

    March 6
  • Bruno_BGP
    Hey man, I'm from Brazil. Is there any possibility for you to help me? My sensor has stoped woking after 4 months os use. It starts with headset and sensor connecting and disconnecting, i've changed the headset to an usb 2.0 port and it worked but not the sensor. Now the sensor doesn't conect anymore after a reinstall of the oculus app. 
    March 6
  • sonra100
    I have a jitter problem  with my CV1 rift . Try to play with  setting  using debug tool  nbut with out no much  improvement
    I upload a short movie that show how text is   not stable 

    my system

     GTX EGVA 1080  
                   WIN 10 64
                   I7 4790 
                   16G  DDR3 1600 
    any help ??
    Regards Doron
    March 6
  • Zimmerman88
    omg so now the paypal went through on her order but the same paypal wont work on mine arrg
    March 6
  • Zimmerman88
    Hi, I am having significant trouble with the simple task of giving your company money,

     firstly you cannot purchase more than one of any item at once on the website which is completely retarded, who made the checkout that shows you have 1 of said item but cannot change the value to 2 or even re buy from the store to add to the cart

    Secondly my card was bounced which admittedly was probably my bank but since I have removed all blocks via paypal and normal transaction to oculus or all together rather

    Thirdly I have tried again to purchase it with both direct card and paypal but your site bounces the transaction, I am trying to purchase a complete oculus set with extra sensors for myself and my partner (Zimmerman88 and kittencat000) and been getting bounced on both accounts.

    Fouth, I managed to get partial purchase on my partners account by sending money to her account and then purchasing with her card which went through for the first part of the order but as per the first annoyance when I had to make another purchase to get the 4th sensor I am back to being bounced.

    I am a little pissed and not with you but with possibly the worst payment system for a product I have ever come across. Can you help?
    March 6
  • molokow
    Come on help with with RObo Rubbish..problem
    March 3
  • RigQuipVR
    sorry to bug you once more.  I have seen on recent posts you stating that Oculus does not work with laptops.  I presume this has all changed now given that Oculus is advertising partners with VR ready laptops.  Looks like most of the major gaming laptop manufacturers are offering VR ready laptops with latest graphics card - and also saying they will have tested them with Oculus Rift.  Need something portable to take to conferences etc so just about to take plunge.  The laptop manufacturers are not getting ahead of themselves are they?  Thanks again.
    February 28
  • RigQuipVR
    you were kind enough to respond to me requests for help yesterday and I got so far, but looking at your earlier posts you suggest not even worth trying with any card such as mine GTX870M.  Just about to can this laptop (even though it is still shiny and new looking!) and buy new with your recommended graphics but I cant figure out how one time with this laptop as i went through set up/trying to get to work, I actually got to the end of the set up and where set recognised the headset HDMI and headset had blue light.  I then saw my screen in the Oculus with my set up.  I think I had to toggle my display F2 button. But never managed to see this again.  Connections checked OK.
    February 28
  • BlaineMiller
    I'm super anxious to use my rift again, as I'm sure many others with tracking issues are.  So, my question is can you give an approximate date for the 1.12 update?
    February 21
  • anniemarie65
    One more thing,it's not a Samsung issue it's a oculus issue,could u please talk with ur advisors or boss and recommend them if u could to do what I suggested, everybody included me mess our gear vr  so badly, thanks from the bottom of my heart,I so am upset
    February 21
  • anniemarie65
    Oh yeah;tried factory reset 3 times still nothing, I think everyone's phone works with all the other stuff that they do on a regular basis and everything is working on my phone it's just with the gear vr. I think they should get rid of the last update go back to,what we did have until they find out what is wrong or why this happened with the update. It would be a lot of happy people if this was done
    February 21
  • anniemarie65
    I have a note 5 everything worked fine a week ago, went to use it yesterday I put my phone in and all I see is,my home screen. I too think it is the update because why would thousands of people be having the same issue. It makes sense with this happening with a lot of people.
    February 21
  • Galuz
    how do you make a poll on on the forums?
    February 16